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About us

We’re not just about being creative and doing clever stuff…

We’re a fully integrated Advertising, Design, Print and Digital Marketing Agency with an impressive client list and a comprehensive set of services. We don’t blow our own trumpet, we prefer our successful clients to do that for us. This may mean we slip under the radar a little but we spend our time establishing positive relationships with our clients, understanding their marketplace and exceeding their expectations.

Boho Five, Middlesbrough

We’ve been based in the North East for over 30 years and we’re proud to be one of the few agencies with more than just a recent history. Our core team have been together for over 10+ years and each staff member is an expert in their field with a huge amount of experience to call upon.

If you’re the new startup trying to succeed against the odds or a corporate business with a marketing budget, HoT can help you find the branding idea that will help you stand out and grow.